Monday, August 9, 2010

The End of This Saga

I did it. I told him. Proud of me, aren't you guys? Also excited because now I can move onto other things, eh?

Well to sum it up, he's not looking for a relationship. He said that he just can't handle it. Plus we're both going to different schools. It would just be difficult. I can't say I didn't see this coming. I have notoriously bad timing. He said things that, out of context, made it sound like there were feelings there. But he said that I'm a really great friend. And he'd really like it if it stayed that way, rather than just losing touch with each other completely. Maybe some other day something will happen. Or maybe not. The future's a little foggy in my eyes.

We are going to stay friends. And it's going to be awesome. And he is going to be a terrible influence in my college life.

He said something though. It made me really happy. I'm going to try and keep it in mind. Because no one's ever said just one thing to make me feel really good. I mean, who feels good about being shot down? Me, apparently.

"You will meet someone great."

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