Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Gerry

I really miss you. I say that to all my friends that I never see anymore. Come back home! We need to record that amazing cover of Britney Spears's "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Anyway what I really wanted to say to you is something that actually doesn't matter much anymore. This mattered in the beginning of last year though.

This is the only part of this letter that will stand for eternity: THANK YOU. I love how close we got last year. And last year's homecoming with you was spectacular. The best homecoming ever, in fact. I wish we could still hang out. But Boston is such a long ways away.

The thing is, last year I was a total wreck. I was moody and depressed and spiteful and I listened to the Smiths a lot. Obviously someone who listens to the Smiths has some emotional disturbances. But over a few months, I developed feelings for you. Yep. A crush. "Developed feelings" just sounds nicer and more romantic. And I'm pretty sure you had feelings for me? I'm guessing. I'm really bad at guessing these kinds of things though. For all I know, it could have just been my mind making up for the lack of affection that I was experiencing.

But I did learn from this experience. I learned to take some fucking chances once in a while. And don't wait for someone else to make the first move. So thanks for everything, Gerry. Good luck in Boston.

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