Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Rynn

I heard the whole story about what happened. I've sat through it twice and invested about eight hours into this. I'd honestly like to get both sides of the story. But I feel that it would be complicated. There's a lot of animosity when Sam's drunk enough. It makes me sad because I always liked you. I didn't talk to you enough to say we were friends but I wouldn't say I ever hated you.

Whenever I see you around campus, you always look so lonely. It makes me sad. Your apparent sadness makes me sad. Do you have any other friends here? If I ever see you with anyone, it's always your boyfriend. I'd like to say hi and sit and chat with you. But I'm usually already hanging out with the people who used to hang out with you. And that one time, I said hi to you, before I knew of any story, it was super awkward.

We should get lunch sometime. You always look like you could use a friend.

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